Advertise With Us - Become A Premium Advertiser

So, what is the Premium Advertiser Functionality?

Becoming a Corporate Advertiser will guarantee you the highest level of exposure on the UK’s largest & fastest growing rowing advertising service.

As a core part of our philosophy, we will always retain a certain level of free service so that anybody in the rowing community can sell or search for products for free. However, because we offer a free service, the number of adverts posted is increasing each day, and brands are having a harder time securing real visibility.

We now offer a paid Corporate Advertiser service for large brands who would like to receive huge exposure on our service. This service will allow the advertiser the option of advertising in our static sidebar (the customer always sees this advert) and will allow the option of premium highlighted posts in our main feed. Please see an example of both below:

Static Sidebar:

Premium Highlighted Advert:

In addition to both of these options, all Premium Advertisers will receive a monthly analytics report showing their own personalised statistics.


We are now both the fastest growing and the largest rowing classifieds website in the UK and the EU. We now have had over 6,000+ adverts posted on our website since we started!

We reach between 6,000 - 8,000 new users each week (currently approx. 25,000 - 30,000 per month), all of whom are interested in purchasing rowing products.

Our adverts are clear and mobile friendly and include links to both email addresses, phone numbers and also direct links to websites.

We are happy to share detailed Google Analytics data to prove our web traffic stats on request.

How much does this cost?

We have some different options outlined here:

1. Ability to post secure Premium Highlighted adverts on our feed - Price On Asking

2. Permanent advert on home page sidebar as well as the mobile view ad feed which links to your site - Price On Asking

3. Advertise on our weekly email list which is emailed to over 2,000 UK subscribers - Price On Asking

4. Advertise on specific search terms, eg. when a user searches for 1x your advert is displayed at the top of the search list - Price On Asking

Need more information?

If you have any queries or just want to get in touch, please go here and send us a message.